Landscape Rock

Cocoa Beach River Rock

Homeowners in Cocoa Beach and the surrounding areas can choose to consult with Dan’s Grounds Maintenance about implementing rock into their landscaping. Rock is available in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors and can be used many ways.

For example, if you live along one of the many waterways in Cocoa Beach and Merritt Island you may be interested in using rock to stop erosion to your waterfront property. Florida beachfront homes can suffer major erosion after hurricanes. Some Cocoa Beach homeowners use rock as a buffer to protect their homes from rising water and storm surges.

Shoreline stabilization is a must along our Florida waterways. Erosion and run off pollution has caused undesirable changes to the Indian River Lagoon, especially in Merritt Island. We can help you to create a rip-rap along the water’s edge using natural Limestone or Coquina boulders. This type of rock will absorb some of the wave action which erodes the shoreline while also creating a natural environment for marine organisms. The Coquina will break down over time into sand and shell providing a surface for oysters to settle, perfect for your environmentally friendly Merritt Island landscape.

Some other common uses for rocks are for walkways, Xeriscaping and adding visual interest to flowerbeds. Their structural integrity provides a sturdy material to walk on while adding separation to flower beds and lawns. Cocoa Beach homeowners can choose to use large rocks as a decorative, yet functional feature allowing for more time at the beach and less time weeding and watering their yard. They can also choose to use small river rocks to provide a unique aesthetic. Either way, the possibilities are endless.

Landscape rock has many different applications and can be used creatively to liven up any Florida landscape. We can help homeowners choose what type of rock they wish to use and how to creatively apply it to their Cocoa Beach landscape or anywhere in Brevard County.

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