Monthly Lawn Maintenance

Lawn Maintenance

Regular lawn maintenance can be time consuming and somewhat confusing. There's certain times of the year when important tasks need to be performed to keep the lawn healthy.

Lawn maintenance requires care for the grass and any foliage. Not only does the grass need to be cut, but it also needs to be watered and fertilized to stay green and healthy.

Furthermore, invasive weeds can continually pop up throughout a lawn. This leaves the grass stripped of essential nutrients and moisture. Homeowners can get help from Dan’s Grounds Maintenace with monthly lawn maintenance. Instead of keeping up with the lawn themselves, homeowners can ensure that everything is taken care of by a professional. We will perform the necessary tasks to keep the lawn beautiful all year long. This includes grass maintenance, weed removal, debris clean up, and much more. Season specific tasks will be done to ensure that the lawn grows properly and stays healthy.

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